We have 34 knitting machines with a production capacity of around 300 ton per month in two shifts 7 days a week. Every roll is checked and audited by a quality team using a 4 point system and all the tools necessary to make sure that each lot of production fills the standards as required by our customer.


4 Sclavos Dye Machine

1) 800 lbs 2) 1,200 lbs 3) 1,200 lbs 4) 265 lbs of capacity

1 Scholl Dye Machine

440 lbs, capacity

5 Thies H2H

1,100 lbs of capacity each one

4 Thies Machines

1) 45 lbs, Thies 2) 20 lbs, Thies 3) 55 lbs, School 4) 65 lbs, Gaston Country

Total Dyeing Capacity: 300 tons per month.


Tenter Frame and Open width Compactor

Vertical Knits has a tenter frame machine that gives the capability of special finishing for open width goods. It can be used to control fabric torque and to apply special finishes. It is used for 100% Poly and Poly/Spandex blends, Tri-Blends and lightweight fabrics. We can apply finishes for wicking, UV protection and anti-microbial.

Pad, Drier, Tubular Compactor, Data Color 600 System. Surtex Dye Lab Machine. Ahiba Lab Machine.


Every fabric lot is checked before being released to cutting. Vertical knits has lab equipment to test performance according to the highest requirements of our clients.


Both tubular and open width fabric for side seam garments. Manual and Bierrebi cutting machines. Capacity of 850,000 pcs/month.


46 sewing Lines. Capacity to sew tubular and cut & sew goods. 850,000 pcs/month. Woven/printed label. Heat Transfer. Pad Printing.

Screen Print

Capacity & Techniques

Screenprint capacity 600,000 hits/per month.
PVC free Discharge, Softhand, Distress,Reflective Inks, Heat Transfer, High Density, Puff, Foil, Sugar, Crystallina, Glitter, Pressed Glitter, Flock, Clear Gel, Crackle Ink, Sueded, Regular Plastisol, Glow in the dark, Appliques, Rhinestones/rhinestuds.


10 automatic machines:

  • 1 MHM 18 stations, 10 colors.
  • 2 Challenger 18 stations, 10 colors.
  • 2 Challenger 20 stations, 10 colors.
  • 1 Gaunlet 12 stations , 10 colors.
  • 2 Sportsman 10 stations, 10 colors.
  • 1 Alpha 8 20 station 10 colors; Max print area 26" x 28" (cut piece).
  • 4 Sample machines 10 Colors.
  • 1 Oval San Roq 36 Stations, 12 Colors